Your Journey To Becoming A Psychic Medium

It’s amazing seeing the influence the spirit world has over the physical one today. Thus, most people look for ways to communicate with the spirit world to get answers to issues troubling them in the physical world. Psychic mediums, which are human telephones to the spirit world, have given most people different opinions and attitude towards life. Normally, these mediums use psychometric, palmistry and readings from crystal balls or tarot cards to communicate with the spirits in other dimensions. If you are looking forward to becoming a medium, you should do the following:

Know How Mediums Perceive Spirits

Many people believe that the solutions to the problems they experience are as a result of the annoyed spirits. However, perceiving these spirits to appease them requires particular expertise. Firstly, you can perceive the spirits using clairvoyance. Clairvoyant mediums have the ability to see spirits, places, objects and auras that other people cannot easily perceive. These mediums are believed to have a third eye in the middle of the two physical eyes, which help them to have unusual visions. You could also use clairaudience that helps you to hear messages from the spirits that are a thousand miles away.

Assess Your Psychic Ability or Level

Different people have different psychic abilities that help them to connect with the spirits and intuit the feelings of other people. If you start feeling a spirits’ presence, hearing messages and seeing visions at a tender age, you could soon join other natural psychic mediums. You should also assess whether you are strongly receptive and sensitive to emotions, feelings and other telepathic communications. If not, you could work on certain skills that will help open your third eye or even flex your psychic muscles.

Research More About Psychic

If you are able to read accounts that a psychic medium writes, you could be a medium in the making. Check if you can easily relate yourself with their experiences and stories. Get books that elaborate the practices and history of professional mediums to learn how it works. Where possible, talk to several mediums concerning their experience and ability to give accurate psychic readings.

Intensify Your Awareness

For this to work, your communication with the spirits on the other side should be open. However, some psychic mediums have a problem in sensing communication. To intensify your awareness, it is important to give your intuition complete attention. Acknowledge all your odd feelings and don’t dismiss the dreams that come your way. Create a quiet moment in the morning by allowing emotions and thoughts to wash over you. Write whatever comes in your mind immediately without controlling it. Avoid judging the words you write down or even editing them in any way.

Try to Communicate with the Spirits Actively

You need to create a particular setting for this communication to be effective. Choose a quiet room and turn off the lights to create a spiritual setting. Make a prayer to the spirits to make communication effective in that room. Acknowledge the spirits’ presence and be ready to receive smells, feelings, words and images that the spirits may present to you.

As you develop your medium psychic skills, you may experience fear, pain and confusion. However, the above process will help you know when the spirits are communicating and how you should respond. Always join a group of mediums to learn many things within a short period.

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