Finding a Pet Sitter Your Dog Will Love

Furry bod and wagging tail: we all love our dogs!

And if possible, we all want to take our non-human family members wherever we go or play with them if needed. The problem is, we simply can’t.

Whether you’re travelling for work or busy doing household chores, Fido there will have to stay at home. However, instead of boarding him at the kennel or asking a friend to do dog duty, consider this: professional dog walking services Melbourne has to offer.

The Mary Poppins of dog sitting Melbourne jobs is out there. You only need to find her. But it can be daunting, especially if you have high standards. Here are some tips in finding the right one:

  1. Ask Your Vet

Any Melbourne dog walker with a good reputation will have a long-reached network. And what better place to get a reliable recommendation than your vet?

This is particularly true for older pets or those with special needs. A professional with a lengthy experience in dog sitting Melbourne jobs and established a relationship with your dog’s doctor can provide you with peace of mind should there be any medical emergencies.

  1. Any Reference?

Any responsible Melbourne dog walking professional will have a list of past and regular clients as well as pet care companies that would be willing to vouch for their professionalism.

And when you speak with the references, make sure to ask questions that specifically cater to your pooch’s needs and your expectations.

  1. Your Pooch Shall Decide

After sifting through potential dog sitters, there is one family member who has yet to approve them— your dog himself.

A qualified dog sitter should have no problem with your request to visit your home and see how they interact with your dog.

It’s obvious that you love your pooch so much, so sensing that your potential dog sitter has a genuine interest in making a connection with your little love is a real game-changer. Check it out at Spot The Dog Walker

Your dog should feel at ease too. After all, the sitter will be your best bud’s temporary best friend. What better way to have peace of mind than knowing your dog approves your choice, right?

  1. What About Emergency Plans?

Mishaps and accidents can happen. And you will choose a person who has the experience and resources to protect your pooch as well as you would.

For senior dogs or those with special needs, the sitter should document feeding, medication and other health-related requirements.

  1. The Included Service

Dog sitting Melbourne jobs can be as varied as your needs. There are some services that include grooming with live-in care. Others provide only dog walking and outdoor exercise, while some offer training.

Some pet sitters may even offer their services in planning nutritional regimens for weight loss.

  1. Pet Sitter Schedule

A dog sitter with an overloaded pet care gig is not going to be 100% there for your dog. So make sure to find out what they’re workload is like.

Remember, people tend to make mistake or neglect things because they work too many hours. Consider working with a pet sitting agency like Spot The Dog Walker.