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Looking for In-Home Care Services in NSW? Here’s a Great Option

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In-home domestic support

Maintaining a clean and comfortable home can be difficult and challenging for the elderly. Tasks that are usually easy may not be as easy as before due to the physical strain and exhaustion brought about by an ageing body. That’s why you need dependable support workers who will be happily providing that much-needed assistance when you need it the most. The aged care services NSW from Arcare provide top-tier professional in-home domestic support to take care of your everyday tasks, so you can enjoy the quality of life you deserve. The level of domestic support is readily discussed with all parties during our initial assessment stage or even later. Ranging from standard household chores needed for a daily regular basis, as-needed light cleaning, or that thorough spring cleaning for your area.


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All our aged care services NSW offers highlights a broad range of activities, such as:

  • Generic household chores: sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, and mopping
  • Kitchen chores: sorting cupboards, monitoring use-by dates, wiping bench tops, dishes and cleaning fridge
  • Helping with grocery shopping: help with navigating stores and making transactions, unpacking groceries, transport to and from shops, making lists
  • Cleaning wet areas: bathrooms, toilets and laundry areas
  • Washing, ironing and putting clothes away
  • Meal preparation: planning weekly meals, cutting vegetables, preparing or defrosting meals


In-home personal care

If you are in need of a more “personal” care, you don’t need to look far and spend so much time to search aged care services in NSW. We have a genuine solution for this particular need as well since we understand the growing needs of elderly loved ones as they age and their ability to take care of themselves on their own changes.

Our professional and qualified personal care staff helps our residents in daily living activities (basic self-care tasks) such as bathing, hair washing, dressing, grooming, toileting, eating, exercising, mobility, turning or positioning, cleaning equipments, medication reminders or other personal care. They are well-trained to help you to create a care list, provide suggestions and help manage your expectations on how these needs can be met.

The aged care services NSW offers set the bar high in the industry.

We encourage you to be part of the discussion with our providers to learn more about some deeper insights and peculiarities of each resident. We strongly believe that the more our providers know about the person they are caring for, the better care they do their job.

We believe in a good match

To ensure that in-home care is efficient and delivered the way you expect it, we match your personality and needs with a care provider who has the appropriate skills and knowledge. We will determine who is best suited for your particular case. Because we know all of our personal care providers so well, we are able to leverage on them. That is the kind of quality you can always rely on from Arcare.

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